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Pay your DStv Bill with SnapScan

Pay your DStv Bill with SnapScan

All DSTv subscribers, you can now use Snapscan to pay for your DSTV premiums.

SnapScan is now a new way to pay for your DSTV, without ever leaving your  home, just through using this app.

Of course to use SnapScan to pay for your DSTV, you  will need to install the app on your smartphone.

The app has simplified the payment process. Instead of scanning a barcode, which would be the normal way to launch a payment, with this app and paying for DSTV, you only need to press the “+” button, select Pay Bill, and tap the DStv logo. This launches from the Home Page.

Once you do that, it will prompt you to enter your DStv Smart Card number, and then press Next to pay.

“With SnapScan’s new in-app bill payment feature, you can settle your DStv bill without leaving the couch,” said SnapScan.

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