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DStv Price Hike: DSTV is hiking its prices for 2017

DStv Price Hike: DSTV is hiking its prices for 2017

DSTV Price Hike coming in April 2017

MultiChoice has made the announcement that the DSTV price hikes is going to be effective from 1 April 2017.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, as this is a yearly thing. The company has gone on to say that they are trying their utmost best to keep the prices low, despite “the tough economic climate”, that they are faced with, well that we are all faced with.

“We’re committed to keep improving our offering so it gets better every year,” said DStv.

There’s good news though. Certain DSTV packages will not be affected by the price hikes, which is great news for those that are on those packages. These include:

  • DStv EasyView
  • DStv Access
  • Access Fee
  • BoxOffice rentals
  • Decoder insurance

Check out the DSTV price increases for 2017:

  • DStv Premium – from R759 to R789 (R30 more)
  • DStv Extra – R459 to R489 (R30 more)
  • DStv Compact – R345 to R365 (R20 more)
  • DStv Family – R219 to R235 (R20 more)

There is a way to  keep your DSTV prices low. As MultiChoice says, if you can make an annual payment, for your whole years subscription costs, you qualify to get a month of DSTv for free.

Also, you can enjoy the same price for 2 years, if you decide to take on a 24-month Price Lock deal.

So,  price hikes will hit in April, be prepared for that.

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